Funding Initiatives

With the support of its funding partners, Funderama has started a series of funding initiatives. These initiatives are aimed to support the different groups of individuals from American society in their respective ventures.

Funding Initiatives


Latin businesses are one of the most important parts of the American economy. Apart from their role in the economy, they have contributed to shaping the culture of the country. To celebrate the impressive growth of Latin businesses throughout the country, we have started Latino Biz Now initiative. Funderama, along with its financial partners, is seeking to offer up to five million dollars in capital to blooming Latino businesses.


When looking for financing options, the women-owned ventures often face various types of hardships. Chances of loan approval for women-owned companies are 15 to 20 percent lower when compared men-owned businesses. Credit score and revenue is also lower, whereas operating costs are more for women.

Even after facing these challenges, the number of businesses run by women is increasing. The Funderama, along with funding partners, seeks to offer a capital of 5 million dollars to expanding women-owned businesses.


Apart from its cultural diversity, New York City is known for its entrepreneurial spirit. It is home to coolest small businesses that boast several unique features. To support these growing New York businesses, Funderama (along with its funding partners) seeks to offer a capital of up to 10 million dollars.