A contract having terms under which one agrees to rent property owned by another is known as a lease. It guarantees the tenant, also known as the lessee, the use of an asset and guarantees the lessor, the property landlord or owner, regular payments for a specified period in exchange. If they fail to uphold the contract terms, both the lessee and the lessor face consequences. Here are10 tips for leasing new startups and businesses:

Commercial broker

Find a commercial broker

Though you are familiar with commercial leasing, with the help of a professional, your startup will benefit tremendously. A certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) is always preferable for a commercial real estate broker. Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) is an expert in the disciplines of investment and commercial real estate. You hire a professional who has worked on hundreds of commercial leases when you hire a commercial real estate broker. As a foundation, use your business goals. Whether you are a right fit or not, your commercial real estate broker communicates to the landlord. 

Sharpen your business plan

You are getting ready to lease a building. An intricate part of your startup’s future is a huge step. At this point, you should have a concise pitch that can be easily explained to anyone as well as a detailed business plan during the leasing process. In the overall business plan and strategy, you should know exactly how your building will fit and innovate compared to the other businesses. Ask yourself if you are prepared to lease a building if your business plan is not ready.

Order financial information 

 You may not have a long financial history to share as a startup. Whatever you have available, organize that only first. You will need to be able to demonstrate sources of income or cash flow related to your startup during the commercial leasing process.

Offer personal guarantee

These days, during the commercial leasing process, a personal guarantee is the norm. From a potential default on a lease, landlords are simply protecting themselves. This will not be up for negotiation. The leasing process that you will have to sign personally, know before going into it.

Save your security deposit

Essentially it is like gambling for startup lease. A landlord wants protection no matter how confident you are in your startup’s future. To require a security deposit is common for landlords — oftentimes higher than the norm — for startups.

financial information

Business space

While selecting a space to lease, think ahead.  A smaller building will surely save you money, but it could cost your productivity. You can expect a business to function well with inadequate spaces. How much space you need, you should have a strong plan for it. A real estate broker will help you to find a perfect for your business in this process,

Have a room for expansion

You need more space and expansion as your business starts to grow more and become successful. Plan for several ways. With the same landlord without penalty, ask for a provision to expand into a larger space.

Ask for a termination option

 A termination option allows you to pay a penalty when terminating as opposed to being liable for months or years of rent.

A payment plan

Fundamentally, you define payment terms if you are in the leasing business for the long haul.  You can monitor financial aspects such as performance retention and deposits with a payment plan. Securing deposits and business expansion, are other leasing tips included.

 A plethora of hurdles experienced by startups before making a breakthrough. You need to implement the right strategies, to thrive in the leasing field. 

Prepare for losses

  Within a financial year, this leasing tip is crucial given the event of losses. If you and your startup, financiers have to trust.  To avoid such an event in the future, it is advisable to elaborate on the reasons for the losses and mitigation measures.



Startups and businesses might sometimes fail, face difficulty in resources, labor, and capital, but this is a part of the process. This will make you think more innovatively and expand your ability to take more risks. Without risk, there cannot be any great business or startups. Following the mentioned points are some of the leasing tips you must consider for your own business and startup. Have proper contact with the real estate broker. Ultimately, they will give proper guidance for your business or startup in the future. Higher profits, tax benefits, and quick returns are some of the advantages of having a lease. Sometimes they might cost too much. So have a thorough check while having a lease. Lastly, do ask others and reach out to the best solution you find.

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