Wholesale distribution to Grocery / Convenience stores 

to Grocery / Convenience stores

Wholesale distribution

Starting a wholesale distribution business can be way more comfortable by financing equipment, e-commerce, customer service, etc.

The financing option available for Wholesale distribution are:

  1. SBA loan

    SBA helps business owners to provide loans from authorized lenders for a short period with interest rates of 6-10% for 4 to 7 years.

  2. Line of credit loan

    For feeding the business, the lender sets the limit upto which a borrower can credit/withdraw money. Once the limit is reached, and the loan is repaid, a business owner can borrow again.

  3. Cash advance funding

    CAF helps and allows business owners to withdraw some amount of cash for the short-term for feeding the business.

  4. Invoice financing

    Extension of short-term loan by the lender on the unpaid invoice and the company will receive money on later dates on 1-2% for 30 to 90 days.

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