Merchant Cash Advance is a quick way to get liquid cash flowing without getting into bank loans. It could achieve by setting up their credit card sales as collateral at times of need.

A merchant cash advance is not a traditional loan. It is taking money in advance for the sale that is set to happen in the future. It is taking cash in advance. Merchant Cash advance direct lenders lend money based on the potential of the receiver. It works best for small businesses and needs immediate liquid cash. 

Merchant Cash Advance in Florida
Cash Advance

How does Merchant Cash Advance work?

MCA loans work on a simple agreement basis where the business and the lender make a contract on the amount to be paid, the repayment amount, and the advance terms. Each day a percentage decided upon the daily credit card receipts are held back. The larger one’s daily credits are, the sooner the payment is finished. 


●     Very Quick: 

The most significant edge that MCAs have over loans is: they are super quick. They do not take time. One turns to these lenders only because there is an immediate need. There is no documentation process, and that saves a lot of time. 

●     No Big Collateral Requirements: 

There are no physical or paper assets put at stake at present. The risk of losing them is reduced significantly. Anyone who does not have excellent credit back up can also apply. One can spend the money in either way they wish for personal or for professional use. 

●     No repayment term and limit: 

As said earlier, there is no loan. Thus there are no repayments or any fixed time that one needs to adhere to. It is the best part of an MCA; it is not borrowing money, but just selling a future profit of yours in advance. 

●     No damage to the credit rating: 

Credit rating written with chalk on a black background

With all of these, they do not affect the credit score as they are not typical borrowing and lending processes. 

Going the MCA route does seem like the best way to get in liquid cash and utilize them the most to our benefit. But, the catch with these is they do charge high rates of interest as well.  Be careful and calculate your requirements and the offers before getting into one. 

There are quite a few merchant cash advances in Florida, and be wise in picking up your choice. FunderamaLLC helps you find the best fit and get your needs fulfilled in the safest way possible. We work for our client benefits and choose the right one for them.


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